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This drives me mad. I used to work in a bookstore, and was talking to my coworker and he just yelled out “stop flirting with me!” at this ridiculous volume and it was humiliating because 
1. I wasn’t
2. I got in trouble for acting unprofessional 
3. He embarrassed me in front of a line of people
4. And he only stopped insisting that I was flirting when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) said, “dude, trust me, she’s not flirting with you” to him

That asshole respected my BOYFRIEND saying I wasn’t flirting more than he respected me saying it and I was the one who was talking! The whole scene got me in trouble at work. And the most ridiculous part is we were talking about a fucking book. In a bookstore.

One time, my ex boyfriend had a crush on some girl, and said that he thought he might have “a chance” with her.

When I asked him what made him think that, he said “Well, she talks to me.”

And this is why it is so difficult to be a girl and be friends with men who are attracted to women.

Can we also add that this is why a lot of women do the resting bitch face when out in public. Cause dudes swear a glance or a smile is flirting.

So yesterday something that perfectly illustrates this happened. I work at a fast food place and this guy comes in at 7am on a Sunday, still probably drunk from the night before, and when I smiled and said goodmorning he said “Did you just say that because you’re being paid to say that?” 

I repressed my urge to sarcastically answer, and said “Nope, I just enjoy saying hi to everyone!” To which he responded, “Oh, so you weren’t flirting with me then.”

Dude, I’m not flirting with your gross 7am-on-a-Sunday-ass, trust me.

My defense mechanism when I’m uncomfortable at work is to smile, so I did that and said “Is there anything I can get you this morning?” to which he responded,

"There, you just smiled! What does that mean?"

At this point I was fed up, so I said, 

"I smile at everyone sir, its just what I do. What can I get you, coffee, a bagel?"

And he said “I’m gonna be watching to see if you smile at everyone. I don’t like it when girls lie to me” and then ordered a coffee and a muffin like he hadn’t just said something at 11 on the “Is this guy a serial rapist” scale (where 0 is ‘no’ and 10 is ‘Yes, run away as fast as you can right now.”).

Then he sat there for another hour and a half, staring at me from his table. When he got up and left he came back to the counter, and said “You do smile at everyone. That’s fucked up.” and walked out.

I can’t even be innocuously polite and pleasant to people at my job (where customer service is the number one thing we are supposed to be focusing on) for fear of this shit happening. What happens if he had decided to wait until my shift was over? 

New Rule: If she’s at work, SHE’S NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU.

If she’s at work, SHE’S NOT FLIRTING WITH YOU.

These are all good points.  On the other hand, I did date a woman that I met…  wait for it…  when we were working together.  

Be respectful, guys — but let’s all admit that it’s possible 2 co-workers might flirt with each other.

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Kicking the Bucket List - The New Yorker

Seinfeld on “Real Time with Bill Maher” said he had a Bucket List, then he turned the ‘B’ into a ‘F’…


Hey, white people: THIS is how you ally.

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Last month, Aloud performed a one-of-a-kind stripped down gig at the intimate Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. By the sheer power of fire codes, room capacity, geography, and astute statistical analysis, it’s probable that you were not there.

Lucky for you, Stephen LoVerme and Erin Genett of Treebeard Media (a/k/a the team responsible for making this and filming this) and OldJack guitarist and longtime Aloud cohort Hugh Wyman defied the numbers and were there to capture this performance of  It’s Got To Be Now‘s”Jeanne, It’s Just a Ride!”.

If you’re into comparison studies, give the original version of “Jeanne…” a listen.

So, THESE beautiful humans: I know I say every Boston band is my favorite band, but that’s only actually true of about five of them: Viva Viva (RIP), Bodega Girls (RIP), Bad Rabbits, Kingsley Flood and Aloud. (I know there are some I’m forgetting in there.) You can hear me scream “CIELO DE MI VIIIIIDAAAAAAA” at some point in this video, but yeah, they’re great and you should listen to them.

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Ha’a Keaulana runs across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder. They do this as training to survive the massive surf waves of winter. She learned her amazing skills from her dad, legendary waterman #briankeaulana and her Grandpa, #Buffalo. I was very humbled to learn from the Hawaiians who have salt water running through their veins. Mahalo Nui Loa. Please stay tuned for our upcoming story on the Hawaiian surfing culture. 

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This is just.. Super impressive.

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Damilano Barbera d'asti



Damilano Barbera d’asti
Price: $19.99
Year: 2012
Region: Piedmont, Italy

This wine tastes like a balmy night in Rome, arm in arm with my love, warm and fuzzy all inside from way too much pasta and even more red wine, singing poor renditions of Dean Martin.

Just that really fun kind of wine…

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Joan Baez and Jimi Hendix

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